ICU ventilator Respiratory anesthesia machine Hospital ventilator

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    ICU ventilator Respiratory anesthesia machine Hospital ventilator

    YH-600 ventilator is a pneumatic electrically controlled ventilator. The machine has more than ten kinds of respiratory modes, which can realize the rescue and treatment of patients by adjusting the parameters of tidal volume, respiratory frequency, inhalation time and breath-holding time, etc. The machine is suitable for: respiratory department, anesthesiology department, ICU and other departments. The machine is suitable for: respiratory, anesthesiology, ICU and other departments. It adopts American ATMEL microprocessor, Japanese SMC electronic air-oxygen mixer and other high-quality imported products, which makes the machine more accurate, reliable and stable.
    Breathing mode:
    Monitoring parameters:
    Tidal volume (Vt), measured total frequency (ftot), voluntary frequency (fspont), minute ventilation (MV), inspiratory-expiratory ratio (I:E, inversely proportional ventilation), PEEP pressure

    Parameter setting
    1、Tidal volume(Vt):0~2000ml
    2、Respiratory frequency (f): 4~99 times/m
    3、SIMV frequency:6~60times/m
    4、Inhalation time (Ti): 0.2~6s
    5、Breath holding time (Tp): 0~2s
    6、Trigger pressure (Pt): -2Kpa~0Kpa
    7、Flow rate:0.05~2L/s continuously adjustable
    8、PEEP pressure: 0.1~2Kpa
    9、PSV pressure: 0~5Kpa
    10、Maximum safety pressure of gas circuit: ≤6Kpa
    11、Aspiratory oxygen concentration: 40%~100% continuously adjustable
    Alarm performance:
    1、Pressure upper limit (Ph) alarm: 2~6Kpa, sound and light alarm
    2、Lower pressure limit (Pl) alarm: 0~2Kpa, sound and light alarm
    3、Ventilation upper limit (MVh) alarm: ventilation over the set value of sound and light alarm
    4、Ventilation upper limit (MVl) alarm: the ventilation is lower than the set value sound and light alarm
    5, power failure alarm: power failure alarm immediately, alarm duration ≥ 120s
    6、Silence: ≤2m
    7、Insufficient air, insufficient oxygen alarm
    The performance of the whole machine:
    1、Scope of application: adults, children
    2、Drive mode: pneumatic electric control
    3、Display mode: high-definition digital display
    4、Power supply: AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
    5、Pressure of gas source: 0.25~0.3MPa
    6、Input power of host: 65VA
    7、System compliance: ≤4ml/100Pa

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