Supply laboratory centrifuge 500ml well horizontal centrifuge

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    Supply laboratory centrifuge 500ml*4-well horizontal centrifuge

    Overview of benchtop low-speed centrifuges:

       Benchtop low-speed centrifuges centrifugal separation technology is a new technology developed based on the state of particles in a practical centrifugal occasion. Particles of different densities, sizes or shapes settle in different centrifugal occasions, so a largely spherical non-homogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. Centrifuges are used to further study biochemistry and to separate large amounts of substances. For example, cells are collected, plasma is separated, DNA and protein molecules are separated from these pre-purified preparations, and viruses as well as large scale E. coli, strict cellular components, nuclear protein particles, etc. can be isolated. This machine adopts brushless DC motor, microcomputer control, with RCF automatic calculation and setting. With a variety of program protection. Easy to operate, with automatic balance function. 

    Main technical parameters of tabletop low-speed centrifuge: 

    1. Power supply: AC 220V50HZ 
    2. Machine power: 600W 
    3. Rotational speed: 5000 rpm adjustable 
    4: centrifugal capacity: 250mlX4  
    5: Relative centrifugal force: 3580 xg 

    Table-top low-speed centrifuge use method:
        First, the machine will be equipped with the centrifuge tube to add the materials to be separated, respectively, inserted into the centrifugal head hole, each tube must be added to the mass of the material is basically equal, close the cover, power on, according to the instructions on the panel to select the required speed and working time, and then press the approval key and start button, the centrifuge will start working. When it reaches the set working time will automatically sound an alarm.

    Tabletop low-speed centrifuge precautions: 
    1: All kinds of liquid or other debris are strictly prohibited to enter the centrifugal chamber. Otherwise back to damage the host. 
    2: The instrument shell should be properly grounded, so as to avoid accidents caused by the influence of moisture on the machine. 
    3: centrifugal head at high speed, please do not open the upper cover at will. 
    4: When the selection of approved products error will automatically alarm. Remind you to choose the approved again 
    5: When the centrifuge balance body loss of more than 10 grams will automatically alarm the instrument to stop working. Please refill your centrifugal solution.

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